So I started to install CFEclipse this morning, thinking I would be done in about 10 minutes, which I could have... if I new what to do. It was difficult to figure out what to do exactly because the documentation is somewhat hard to find... it's all spread out across various blog entries like this one. Here are some basic instructions on getting started.

1. Make sure you have the latest and greatest JRE ( and install it. I originally went with the JRE version 1.4.2 which will run eclipse fine but you will need version 1.5+ later on to get CFEclipse to work.

2. Download the latest version of Eclipse Classic. (

3. Unzip the contents of the Eclipse download into any directory you like on your computer (I chose c:eclipse).

4. Find the eclipse.exe file in your directory and create a short cut to it on your desktop or quick launch bar.

5. Right click on your shortcut, select properties, and change the target to explicitly use the JRE you just installed (it will look like: C:eclipseeclipse.exe -vm "C:Program FilesJavajre1.6.0_03injavaw.exe")

6. Click on your short cut to open Eclipse.

7. Select a folder for your workspace (I went with the default location to create a new workspace but you can put it wherever you like) and press "OK"

You should now have a working Eclipse environment. When I set it up this morning it took me several minutes and a bunch of Google searches to figure out why I kept getting errors whenever I started Eclipse and it was because I didn't know about step 5 above.

Next you need to install the CFEclipse plug in, for this I followed the directions on the cfeclipse site:

The best way to get CFEclipse is to use the built-in installation and update management tools that come with Eclipse. Here's how:

1. Select the "Help->Software Updates->Find and install" menu option

2. On the screen that is displayed, select 'Search for new features to install' and click the 'Next' button

3. Now click the 'New Remote Site' button

4. Enter a name for the update site, for example "CFEclipse". In the URL box, enter "" and click the OK button

5. You should now have a 'CFEclipse' node in the 'Sites to include in search' box.

6. Tick the 'Stable CFEclipse' box and click 'Next'

7. Eclipse will contact the CFEclipse site and retrieve the list of available plug ins. Tick the plug in with the highest version number and click 'Next'

8. The next instructions are self-explanatory, agree to the license, install the software and restart Eclipse

Once Eclipse has restarted CFEclipse should have been successfully installed

But that didn't work for me because I was behind a proxy server at work and downloading files from Eclipse seems to be blocked or something. So I followed the instructions to download it and manually install it:

1. Download the archived software update site from here

2. Unzip the archive file into a folder

3. In Eclipse, go through the usual procedure to add an update site (Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install -> Search for new features to install)

4. Click on New Local Site...

5. Choose the folder that you extracted the zipped files into

6. Click Select

7. Change the name to something more reasonable such as CFEclipse 1.3 Local installation folder

8. Click OK and then click Finish

9. Follow the installation procedure and prompts... (I am sure you can handle it from now on)

10. Eclipse will prompt to restart. go ahead and restart it.

Now you have a working version of CFEclipse..... but where is it?? I don't see anything... What do I do??

1. From the tool bar select Window > Open Perspective > Other...

2. Select "CFEclipse" and click "OK"

To open any of the CFEclipse views that aren't open by default, like the Component Explorer:

1. From the tool bar select Window > Show View > Other...

2. Select the view(s) you want to open from the tree and click "OK"

Now if you are like me you want to be able to use RDS. Download the "ColdFusion 8 Extensions for Eclipse" from and install it following the same basic instructions I gave above for the manual install of CFEclipse.

Your installation is now complete!!

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wolffy's Gravatar Thanks for the directions. Everything I tried before this received an error, from Java to Security permissions on one of the third party installers.
# Posted By wolffy | 9/22/11 10:03 PM