Scott Bennett - Expert ColdFusion Developer

Scott Bennett (AKA "The ColdFusion Guy") is an expert ColdFusion developer who has developed many web based applications, e-commerce systems, dynamic database driven web sites, Intranets and Extranets.

The ColdFusion Guy has 24 years of experience developing, maintaining, and modernizing ColdFusion applications. He has worked with every version of ColdFusion since ColdFusion 3.5! He has executed many web application development projects for a diverse set of companies. As a Certified Advanced ColdFusion Developer, The ColdFusion Guy has the proven experience and expertise to create quality ColdFusion applications of any kind. His professional methodology to development helps to ensure that he delivers projects in a timely and cost effective basis.

If you are interested in contacting The ColdFusion Guy for a free quote, you can contact him through his development firm PALADEM.

In addition to the helpful ColdFusion articles you will find on his ColdFusion Blog, The ColdFusion Guy has also answered many ColdFusion related questions on If you have a question that you need answered, feel free to contact The ColdFusion Guy and he will be happy to help.