As those of you who were at last night's meeting know, I am now the co-manager of OCCFUG. I am pretty excited about this opportunity to help out with some of the administrative things that go into keeping the group going. I love going to the meetings and hope the group continues to grow.

Several people asked for the slides from my presentation last night, so I have attached them to this post. (click the download link below)

At the Orange County ColdFusion Users Group ( meeting tonight, I will be presenting an overview on all the AJAX related features in ColdFusion 8. Then I will be going into detail on some of my favorite features and offer some tips on how to dig into the underlying Ext objects to find the solutions you need when your application requires more customized functionality than the default behaviors that were implemented in CF8.

So if you're in the Orange County area, come to Traveland USA tonight at 6:30 pm and join us.