Aaron Longnion asked if I could modify the email validation on my blog to allow the + character in email addresses. Apparently in gmail you can add +anything to your email address (after the username and before the @ character) and it will still arrive in your account. This helps people organize emails that come from filling out online forms, or signing up for newsletters, or commenting on blogs or whatever. I went ahead and modified the isEmail function that BlogCFC uses to accommodate this, and then thought I would share it with the world just in case someone asks you fix your blog too.


I have implemented Raymond Camden's BlogCFC functionality on my site. It was a fairly painless process and I am pleased with the results. I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time now but I have either been too busy or too lazy to ever actually do it myself =). I will be adding lots of interesting blog entries as time goes on so stay tuned, and feel free to use my contact form to ask any ColdFusion related questions you may have.