As those of you who were at last night's meeting know, I am now the co-manager of OCCFUG. I am pretty excited about this opportunity to help out with some of the administrative things that go into keeping the group going. I love going to the meetings and hope the group continues to grow.

Several people asked for the slides from my presentation last night, so I have attached them to this post. (click the download link below)

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Rachel Luxemburg's Gravatar Congratulations Scott!
# Posted By Rachel Luxemburg | 7/18/08 8:31 PM
Michael De Jonghe's Gravatar Congratulations to you Scott. You are as close to a ColdFusion Guru that our group has, and your continued support of OCCFUG can only bring on new members. I'm already looking forward to August!

Good on ya mate!
# Posted By Michael De Jonghe | 7/18/08 8:55 PM