Right after work last night, I went to my son's ice hockey practice, and I left my laptop bag on the floor in the back seat of my car. After the practice, I came out and found my window smashed in and my laptop bag missing. Fortunately there really aren't any documents or files on that laptop that I don't have backups of. Aside from the obvious, hassle of replacing the window in my car, and having to all the police report paperwork, and insurance claims.... I really, really, really hate having to set up a new laptop. It will be days before I once again have all my software installed and all my shortcuts, and personalization back to the way I like it.

Right now I am using and old, slow, relic of a laptop until I get a new one. It really sucks.

Not only did they take my good laptop, my blue tooth headset, all my laptop accessories, my really nice leather laptop bag, my asthma and allergy medication, my "Spaceballs" and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" DVDs, my organizer with all the business cards of my professional contacts, and my copy of the latest internet retailer magazine.... but the bastard took my favorite pen!!!

This is the first time anyone has ever done anything like this to me, and I feel really violated and creeped out. Last night I was in shock, today I am just pissed off as I am realizing that it's not just my stuff that was taken, but it's a lot of time that I am going to have to spend dealing with the aftermath, and the insurance deductible. Not to mention the emotional trauma. My 7 year old son had a hard time going to bed last night, because he was afraid that someone was going to break into our house while he was asleep.

All in all, it sucks being a victim and hope I never have to go through this again.

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Marco's Gravatar whats up Scott hope all is well in coldfusion land. I just read some of your blogs. You are pretty darn funny! sucks about your laptop I had my radio stolen from my truck it is an eerie sick feeling to violated like that. rat bastards!

Well glad to see your are still coding and blogging now.

Peace out hommie!

# Posted By Marco | 10/1/08 7:01 AM