I have been hearing a lot of Hype for along time about how great CFEclipse is, but I have been using ColdFusion Studio/HomeSite+ for over 9 years now and I've never had any desire to change. I am a creature of habit. I am one of those people who will go to the same restaurant all the time, and with every visit, I read the whole menu thinking I will try something new this time. Then, when the server comes to take my order, I still always order the exact same meal I got the last 200 times I went to that restaurant.

So why am I deciding to change now, you ask?? Well there a 3 main reasons why.

The first is that Adobe recently release ColdFusion 8, and as usual, I installed the HomeSite+ updates. Well, much to my chagrin, the updated help files, in my opinion, are not nearly as informative or useful as they have been for previous versions. There are no more cross referencing links to related tags and functions, and there are no more detailed explanations of the attributes. This to me seems like the folks at Adobe are subtly saying, "We don't think HomeSite+ has a real future, and we aren't going to put much effort into keeping it current and useful".

Secondly, I got a taste of CFEclipse when I took a Hands On session with Ben Forta at Adobe MAX 2007, and I thought it had some pretty cool features, especially when it came to developing and using CFCs.

And lastly, I am switching to CFEclipse because everyone else is doing it, and I want to be cool like them.

Now all have to do is figure out how to install the darn thing... I will start a new post for that.

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Peter Andrews's Gravatar CFEclipse is a piece of $#!^. I have wasted an entire week trying to get it to work. I have finally - thank God - come across an old copy of Homesite+ and will use that from now on.

The debugging in CFE is broken. The program constantly crashes. It is slow. The documentation is valueless. The layout is unintuitive. There is no contact number on the cfeclipse.org website - or even an email address. The only version which a) has line numbers and b) doesn't crash constantly is unavailable.
# Posted By Peter Andrews | 1/1/09 3:28 PM
Scott Bennett's Gravatar I have to admit that I found CFEclipse to be pretty annoying at first as well, It took a long time for me to be able to figure out just how to install it. Then getting used to the new interface was frustrating, because I was simply unfamiliar with it. Shortly after writing a few blog posts on how to get started with it, I got frustrated with several things (particularly the poor implementation of coldfusion RDS) and switched back to homesite+. However, I recently changed jobs and now I am using a Mac all day which can't run homesite+ (unless you use parallels) also they use SFTP instead of RDS so I got a nice sftp plugin for eclipse, and I have been using it for a week or so without any complaints. I don't use the debugging, so I can't attest to weather there is any problem with it, but I never used any debugging in CFStudio/HomeSite+.

If you really can't stand CFE, then just keep chugging along with homesite+ until CF9 comes out later in the year, and you can start using CFBuilder. It will still be and eclipse based tool, but there will be an installer and it will have adobe support to fix any bugs.
# Posted By Scott Bennett | 1/2/09 2:26 PM